Our new pitch

Taking it all in his stride…

Exploring – ‘what’s around this wall?’

‘Oh….just more grass’

Never seen a grasshopper this big before!! he was a monster….

We are on the Atlantic coast now and its a lot wilder but very picturesque.

Long stretch of white sandy beach in the distance to be explored at the weekend…

It has a very different feel to it here than up in the mountains at Iznate. It is hotter although the last two days have been very windy (about 35mph). This area is notorious for its winds (ahem) with the world windsurfing championships regularly being held just up the road in Tarifa.

We are about 30km from Cadiz with our nearest town being Conil de Frontera. We are not far from Gibraltor and you can easily get ferries across to Tangers from here. From Cadiz you can take the train into Sevilla, which we plan on doing during our stay.

So with lots to explore and fit in around work I think we are in for a busy month…..