Bubble of Bliss Restored!!!

Three trips to the vets in one week is a record for us and all with the same cat!! Molly was not impressed when we loaded her into the car last night to take her for her ultrasound. Cats have a way of sensing that things are about to turn pear-shaped for them and so just as we were about to leave Oscar provided a diversion by regurgitating his tea back into his food bowl and surrounding area and Molly took the opportunity to go and hide under the bed!! After 17 years though I am wise to their tricks and so vomit cleaned and Molly recovered from her hiding place we set off – in our car.

The car was fixed on Wednesday which was a very speedy service and our neighbour kindly took us to the garage to retrieve it so we didn’t have to rely on ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ to collect us and frighten the bejesus out of us all again!

Back to the vets – Molly had to suffer the indignity of:-

a/having her tummy shaved and

b/then having her fat pointed out – I mean come on give a girl a break for goodness sake and anyway it’s not fat she just has little legs!!

Anyway, the scan was all clear with just a few crystals in her bladder, which probably meant she had a urinary infection. Seeing as she is responding to treatment and didn’t feel that constipated when they examined her they just prescribed her some liquid paraffin to help move things along in the ‘number two’ department. Oh and they managed to sell hubby some ‘special’ biscuits to help restore good ‘bladder health’ when I wasn’t looking!!

So, our experience of Spanish vets has on the whole been a positive one. They were not as good as the French vet we had but not too bad. Expense wise they were on a par with prices back home, which was a shame as we had heard that they were somewhat cheaper here but this was not the case.

Our experience with Spanish breakdown recovery was very good and the garage was excellent and not overly expensive – again pretty much the same as back in the UK.

Our experience with Spanish taxi drivers……………………………..well you know my views on them!!

So, bliss bubble has been restored and I am happily sinking back into my hazy world of all things yoga. Two more days to go for this week and then two days off – well one day and then a study day. The weather is just perfect with sunny days spent outside practicing and teaching asana’s, discussions on philosophy, mantra chanting and lots of giggles. Perfect………..