A break in the rain yesterday saw us make a dash out and head off to visit the town of Cómpeta. Sat up up in the hills (like most places are around here!) it is the starting point of one of the walks for Maramo and so had an added interest for hubby in particular.

Driving up the windy road from the coast was interesting in itself as driving around here always is. Tight hairpin bends, roads that are dangerously subsiding, not to mention the drivers who take the opportunity to get their quota of thrills in for the month by driving as fast as they possibly can meant that by the time we arrived and pulled over in a scenic spot for some lunch I had my heart in my mouth and my stomach in the back seat!

After some food and a revitialising cuppa (only the English right) we headed off on foot to have a little look around.

Competa has a fascinating history that dates back approximately 2,000 years to the Romans. The village was used for trading purposes by the Romans due to its idyllic location in between the coast and the mountains. Competa also has 800 years of Muslim history, which you can still see from the magnificent Arabic architecture found in the village today.

The town is typical of many around this area, all white buildings and lots of steep narrow streets. You can feel the age of the place as you wander around stopping to take in the breathtaking views that are afforded at regular intervals. We made a pit stop at a hotel with a fantastic view across to the sea for a coffee and basked in the sunshine. Not much is open on a Sunday in Spain and with the tourist season yet to take hold the streets were empty and it was lovely and quiet as we walked around. This is the kind of sightseeing we enjoy! My Spanish is also slowly improving and ordering coffee, asking how much the bill is AND understanding the answer are all becoming easier. Unlike in other European countries where you tend to have receipts brought to the table every time you order here it is much more casual. At first this can be a little disconcerting as you struggle to understand but we are getting better at it for sure!!

The rain is back again today, but we are hoping it clears mid week and the sun is forecast to make its return on Wednesday. We are finally hoping to climb Maroma on Saturday so fingers crossed!! Below are some piccies from our day out.

The Church

Cute little shops

Coffee stop

Three very friendly but very grubby street urchins!

All life here has to cling to the mountainside and these horses are no exception

This little mamma had her baby tucked in safe and sound beside her



It’s hard not to feel inspired when this is the view awaiting you when you step out the caravan every morning. Sunrise and the promise of another hazy day stretching ahead….

Now, I know that along with the cats my other favourite topic of conversation is the weather and in particular the sun, BUT, I can’t help it.

Today I am back out working in the awning – I have been inside for the last two months working off the bed with the cats sprawled around me. The cats are back outside now though – even Tinker ventured out so it occurred to me that maybe I should be working outside again too. So, I am sat in my little makeshift office with a breeze blowing in through the awning door and the heady scent of almond blossom in the air and it is just so perfect and such a good environment to be getting creative in. I am doing lots of work on the website and our retreats at the moment and it is all coming together.

The weekend here on the campsite was somewhat noisy and propably a good indication of what we can expect in the summer months. The Spaniards are here most weekends now arriving on mass Friday night and then leaving as quickly as they came on Sunday night. The Spanish; like the Italians are a very expressive and loud people – why say something when you can shout it right and it is taking some getting used too. Hubby and I like the quiet – sometimes I think we like it too much and worry that we are becoming a tad reclusive??

We don’t venture out that much – which doesn’t make for a very exciting travel blog I grant you – so I have decided that we need to do something about that. Next weekend we are going to take a trip up to the Sierra Nevada mountains and try our hand at a touch of skiing. It has been 17 years since we last strapped large planks of wood to our feet so it should be interesting to see if we can remember anything about it. Hubby asked me last night if I remembered how to parallel ski and turn and I gave (what I thought was) a not too bad demonstration in the middle of the caravan – well it wasn’t too bad until we both collapsed laughing!! We may have bitten off more than we can chew but at least it will make for an interesting and fun blog next Monday!!

Until then you will just have to make do with more blogs about the cats and the weather!!!

Oh, and update on Oscar – he seems a little better today. Still sleeping loads but he managed a few ‘meows’ this morning; his first in a week and had a little cuddle yesterday morning. So, definitely no worse. There’s life in the old guy yet….