It’s hard not to feel inspired when this is the view awaiting you when you step out the caravan every morning. Sunrise and the promise of another hazy day stretching ahead….

Now, I know that along with the cats my other favourite topic of conversation is the weather and in particular the sun, BUT, I can’t help it.

Today I am back out working in the awning – I have been inside for the last two months working off the bed with the cats sprawled around me. The cats are back outside now though – even Tinker ventured out so it occurred to me that maybe I should be working outside again too. So, I am sat in my little makeshift office with a breeze blowing in through the awning door and the heady scent of almond blossom in the air and it is just so perfect and such a good environment to be getting creative in. I am doing lots of work on the website and our retreats at the moment and it is all coming together.

The weekend here on the campsite was somewhat noisy and propably a good indication of what we can expect in the summer months. The Spaniards are here most weekends now arriving on mass Friday night and then leaving as quickly as they came on Sunday night. The Spanish; like the Italians are a very expressive and loud people – why say something when you can shout it right and it is taking some getting used too. Hubby and I like the quiet – sometimes I think we like it too much and worry that we are becoming a tad reclusive??

We don’t venture out that much – which doesn’t make for a very exciting travel blog I grant you – so I have decided that we need to do something about that. Next weekend we are going to take a trip up to the Sierra Nevada mountains and try our hand at a touch of skiing. It has been 17 years since we last strapped large planks of wood to our feet so it should be interesting to see if we can remember anything about it. Hubby asked me last night if I remembered how to parallel ski and turn and I gave (what I thought was) a not too bad demonstration in the middle of the caravan – well it wasn’t too bad until we both collapsed laughing!! We may have bitten off more than we can chew but at least it will make for an interesting and fun blog next Monday!!

Until then you will just have to make do with more blogs about the cats and the weather!!!

Oh, and update on Oscar – he seems a little better today. Still sleeping loads but he managed a few ‘meows’ this morning; his first in a week and had a little cuddle yesterday morning. So, definitely no worse. There’s life in the old guy yet….

My Year in Pictures

As the year fast draws to a close I took a look back over the events of 2010. It’s been quite a year and I’ve had a lot of fun and giggles along the way. Here are just a few of my highlights….

We saw the New Year in with friends and then just made it home in time on New Year’s day before more snow descended. A pretty start to the year though….

Early February saw a visit from hubby’s sister and our two gorgeous nieces. A quick, icy blast around Southwold pier and then a well deserved hot chocolate in a warm, snug cafe…

Girlie night out

Annual Easter ‘jolly’ with my parents.

A few days in Brighton with my best friend…

20th Anniversary celebrations in Bruge, Belguim

Family get togethers..

Night’s away camping

Summer visitor’s

Abundant gardens

Spanish Madness

And finally Christmas ‘Fun in the Sun…..’

It’s been quite the year – can’t wait to see what next year brings……..What have you enjoyed most about 2010????

Rain, birthdays and anniversary’s

Just to cheer up all you snow bound, chilled to the bone friend’s and family back home, we are having less that favourable weather here as well. Come and spend the winter in the sun they say, ideal temperatures to help you forget the weather back home they tell you. What they fail to mention is that when it rains here it goes on and on and on………. It started at lunchtime on Friday and continued constantly until the early hours of Sunday morning. Luckily for me it stopped for exactly 24 hours and the sun came out to let me enjoy my birthday but then it started again early this morning and it looks set for the next two days.  Granted it’s just rain and not snow but we are on a pitch that isn’t perfectly flat – all the flat pitches are in with the permanent tourers and we decided we didn’t want to be in the middle of the Spaniards when they come to enjoy their weekends. So, our pitch falls away to one end and consequently when it rains constantly for 48 hours things start to get a bit wet.

Hubby was dispatched out into the wet on Saturday afternoon to dig some trenches around the awning to channel the worst of the water away and fingers crossed so far it is working. We didn’t get the chance to re-waterproof the ceiling and walls but we only appear to have a few minor leaks around door areas so hopefully it will hold out.

The road down to the coast is beginning to see the results of all the rain with some little landslides throwing rocks and gravel down from the hills. Apparently last March there was a few days of heavy rain and some houses in the surrounding areas were literally washed away!! yikes…….Mind you, it has to be said that these are houses that are just thrown up and not pinned down with solid foundations in any way.

As I mentioned however, Sunday was a lovely day. Clear blue skies and about 18 degrees so I was lucky. I had already decided that I wanted to spend some time on the beach and so we went down to Torre del Mar and walked along the sand and promenade. It was warmer on the coast than up in the hills and although I had a fleecy on the sun was lovely and warm. We wandered around a little market and then sat and had a beer outside a cafe and indulged in a little ‘people watching’ whilst listening to a town band singing some rather jolly songs. I felt very blessed to be enjoying my birthday sat in the sun and breathing in fresh sea air.

After our beer we ambled back to the car and headed home to cook/uncook a meal. We had been planning to eat out but having managed to get an English-speaking copy of Sex and The City 2 I was keen to watch that instead and so made us a 3 course meal in Bessie, which we washed down with a bottle of cava.

Sunday was also our 13th Wedding Anniversary. Time is a funny thing as it certainly doesn’t feel as though we have been married for that long but then when I think about all the things that we have done since we have been married I wonder where we found the time to do them all!! But 13 years and still going strong so roll on the next 13 – I wonder where we will be by then??……

Yesterday also marked 17 years since our two older cats Oscar and Tinker came to live with us, something Oscar obviously wasn’t to thrilled about!! I guess when he came to join us all those years ago he didn’t bank on being as well-traveled as he has since become!! They say cats don’t like change and ours have certainly had their fair share of that over the years.


Thankfully Tinker was slightly more enthusiastic about the whole anniversary deal and happily posed for a little portrait!!

And, so that was our weekend. Lots of rain, lots of celebrating, a little bit of sun and  mercifully no snow!!!








Wednesday – Juice feasting day 10 and sun….

Hey, hey the sun has finally made its way to my part of the world and the next week or so looks set to be full of glorious sunny weather, so I am in my element. I love, love, love the sun and can’t get enough of it so sitting here at the computer is not so good as I would much rather be outside. Warm weather also makes it incredibly easy to be juice feasting or to eat a raw diet. I never crave heavy foods when the sun is out and am quite content to eat lots of fruit and greens and pretty much nothing else when the weather is so good – really do need to move somewhere hotter again and then my life as a raw foodie would be sooooo easy…….

Juices today have/will be:-

Orange, grapefruit, celery and spinach.

Orange, grapefruit and apple.

Orange, grapefruit, cucumber, spinach and wild garlic (4 oranges, 1 red grapefruit, 1/2 cucumber, 2 big handfuls of spinach from the garden, 6 wild garlic leaves) – this was really refreshing with just a hint of garlic. I drunk it whilst we sat and ate luch al fresco. Perfect.

Pineapple, mango and blueberries.

Exercise today has been:-

90 ashtanga yoga class

How I feel today:-

Its getting boring keep saying how great I feel but I really do feel good. Loads of energy, lots of positive vibes and just generally zinning (is that a word???)…….

Thanks for reading, happy juicing………………………