Summers done…..

Summer has finally faded and in its place we have the arrival of wet and windy weather.

For the past two nights I have resorted to ear plugs to drown out the sound of the rain on the roof of the caravan. Unfortunately they don’t drown out the sound of Oscar who has somehow morphed into the devil incarnate as he sits on the table and meows all night; the little git then snuggles down on the bed for some shut eye once we are up!!

It would seem that we are not along in receiving this deluge of rain as much of Europe seems to be in the grip of extreme winds and flooding.

Faro airport in southern Portugal lost part of its roof under the weight of the rain and all the windows blew out in the control tower on Sunday night.

The ‘costas’ in southern Spain are wading through the downpours in their wellies and parts of the UK and Ireland have seen flooding and high winds.

So, that is it or so it would seem. Summer is over and we are being flung head first into winter with no transition whatsoever – well I expect the UK and Ireland would beg to differ but here we have gone from one extreme to the other.

The timing is actually quite apt as I am working on a ‘winter recipe’ cookbook for Barefoot and Raw so am having fun in the kitchen with all sorts of warming spices and foods.

We are just hoping that the weather eases a little next week to enable us to pack Bessie up and head back into Spain. Taking down an awning in the wind and rain is not to be recommended and neither is towing a caravan……fingers crossed we will get a break long enough to allow us to escape…… 🙂