So, yesterday was the end of my month long yoga teacher training course. Today I got to have a lie in before attempting to file my tax return online – am still attempting to file it several hours later but the least said about that the better as I may explode and that wouldn’t be very ‘yogi like’ !!!

The course was great and I learned so much in a short space of time. Coming from an Ashtanga yoga background – which is something of a power yoga – it was refreshing for me to learn a completely different style; although it did take some getting used to as the pace is so much slower.  I needed to expand my knowledge though as I knew there was so much more to yoga than what I had been practicing. I remember listening to someone once talking about yoga and saying that if you only ever look at one side of the mountain then that is all you will ever see. It is not until you climb to the top and look at the whole way around that you get the complete picture. That is what I feel I have accomplished with this training.

I now have such a better understanding of the roots and tradition of yoga that I can now see the whole picture. We covered a lot of the philosophy of yoga on this course and I have fallen head over heels in love with theBhagavad Gītā – one of the most important texts in the history of literature and philosophy and sometimes referred to as ‘the manual for mankind’.  Within its pages Lord Krishna states that the knowledge of Yoga contained therein was first instructed to mankind at the very beginning of their existence. Its words are just so meaningful and pertinent now as when they were first spoken.

One of the other great things about this course is that there was only two of us on it and so we both had so much individual attention. For me it was not so important to learn about ‘how’ to teach as I have been doing that for the past 6 years, but to be able to perform and execute the postures correctly and have the knowledge about why we do yoga etc, that was important. When you are in a big group (there were about 30-35 of us on the last training course I went on) then you get lost and the time spent on you and your knowledge is limited but here we had a month of pretty much 1-2-1 attention. We also got to ‘practice’ on some people that Maggie our teacher had invited along, one of whom had never practiced yoga before and one who had a fair amount of health problems and limitations so we really had to think on our feet and get a taste of what a real class with different abilities would be like.

I am so glad that I got to take this course here in the mountains of Southern Spain. The location was just perfect and for most of the course the weather was so good that we were outside the whole time practicing in the sunshine which just added a whole other dimension to the experience. At the moment the almond trees are coming into blossom and the valleys here are fragrant with their smell. It is quite intoxicating and a beautiful sight to see all the mountainsides dotted with pink and white flowers.

So, I am feeling pretty grateful to the universe for bringing me here and allowing me this wonderful experience and I am very excited about the next step as we start to plan our ‘Yoga and Raw Food retreats’ and where we are going next!!! It’s time to be thinking about moving on to somewhere else and experiencing more of what this journey has to offer us.

In the meantime here are some photo’s that I took on the last day of the course. The weather wasn’t so good so you will have to imagine the scene bathed in sunshine but it gives a good idea of what I have been up to for the last month.


Views and almond blossom

More views

The terrace where we did most of our practices and a lot of our studies

The ‘caravan’ where we studied when it was too cold to sit outside

Me receiving my certificate

Maria receiving her certificate