Bubble of Bliss Restored!!!

Three trips to the vets in one week is a record for us and all with the same cat!! Molly was not impressed when we loaded her into the car last night to take her for her ultrasound. Cats have a way of sensing that things are about to turn pear-shaped for them and so just as we were about to leave Oscar provided a diversion by regurgitating his tea back into his food bowl and surrounding area and Molly took the opportunity to go and hide under the bed!! After 17 years though I am wise to their tricks and so vomit cleaned and Molly recovered from her hiding place we set off – in our car.

The car was fixed on Wednesday which was a very speedy service and our neighbour kindly took us to the garage to retrieve it so we didn’t have to rely on ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ to collect us and frighten the bejesus out of us all again!

Back to the vets – Molly had to suffer the indignity of:-

a/having her tummy shaved and

b/then having her fat pointed out – I mean come on give a girl a break for goodness sake and anyway it’s not fat she just has little legs!!

Anyway, the scan was all clear with just a few crystals in her bladder, which probably meant she had a urinary infection. Seeing as she is responding to treatment and didn’t feel that constipated when they examined her they just prescribed her some liquid paraffin to help move things along in the ‘number two’ department. Oh and they managed to sell hubby some ‘special’ biscuits to help restore good ‘bladder health’ when I wasn’t looking!!

So, our experience of Spanish vets has on the whole been a positive one. They were not as good as the French vet we had but not too bad. Expense wise they were on a par with prices back home, which was a shame as we had heard that they were somewhat cheaper here but this was not the case.

Our experience with Spanish breakdown recovery was very good and the garage was excellent and not overly expensive – again pretty much the same as back in the UK.

Our experience with Spanish taxi drivers……………………………..well you know my views on them!!

So, bliss bubble has been restored and I am happily sinking back into my hazy world of all things yoga. Two more days to go for this week and then two days off – well one day and then a study day. The weather is just perfect with sunny days spent outside practicing and teaching asana’s, discussions on philosophy, mantra chanting and lots of giggles. Perfect………..

More goodbyes…….

Today saw me carry out my last Personal Training session. It has been a bitter sweet week saying goodbye to clients, some of whom I have been training for the last four to five years.

We have had such fun working together over the years – granted at times they would have disputed the term ‘fun’ – burpess and mountain climbers are not most peoples idea of an enjoyable way to spend an hour, but hopefully the giggles we have had along the way make up for the sweat and torture I have often inflicted on them.

Getting to do something that you really enjoy is a priviledge and certainly not something that falls into the category of work and I thank each and everyone of my clients for allowing me into their homes every week.

If you are reading this as I know some of you do then I hope that you have all gained something from our time together and will take that on either working with other people or continuing on your own.

Although I am now turning my attentions towards yoga and fullfilling a long held desire to roam the world (or at least a small part of it) my love for Personal Training remains and you never know – I may be back one day and look you all up to start over again – be afraid……..be very afraid………he he.

And for those of you who have caught the yoga bug from me then I truly hope I will see you on a mat near me in the not too distant future as you sample one of my retreats.

Good luck and thank you all for some lovely times together……….



Lifestyle Change

As our moving date creeps closer and the adrenaline starts to build the anticipation of what we can expect when we arrive is making for some sweet daydreams.

There are many aspects to my lifestyle that I am hoping will change when we embark on our ‘adventure across Europe’ and I thought that I would spend some time today explaining what some of them are.

For me living in the UK feels like it has a very heavy energy attached to it. I think that a big part of that has to do with the fact that for many months of the year we are couped up inside simply because it is just too cold or wet to do anything else. I’m not a girl that enjoys being couped up. I love bare feet and sitting/lying in the grass. I love listening to the birds singing whilst eating my food al fresco – straight from the garden if possible. I love flinging the windows open and letting the fresh air flood through the house without running the risk of hyperthermia. I don’t enjoy being swaddled in hats and coats and scarves – don’t panic I’m not about to go all naturist on you – but do prefer to wear fewer rather than more clothes. I love the sun on my skin and generally living outside and I HATE BEING COLD……..

So for me a big part of moving to a warmer climate is so that I can spend more of my days outside than in. I love the ease that comes with living that kind of life. Being closer to nature has a calming effect on me. I have never been a city girl – I tried and gave it a good shot but as soon as we moved out of the city and into the country I knew that I had come home and that I would never live in a city/town again. Give me a view of trees, fields and open spaces and I am a happy bunny……

I also love travelling. Moving from place to place and having new experiences and new perspectives in each one is very refreshing to me. We have moved around a lot during our time together and although it is always fairly stressful moving (I suspect because of the vast collection of ‘stuff’ that we have to drag with us each time) it has become something of a pattern for us.

I’m not overly concerned with material things (am even letting go of my vast wardrobe of clothes!!) or with having the latest technology . My mobile phone is years old – and doesn’t take pictures, videos or make the tea, I have a MP3 player not an IPod or Blackberry or whatever else is the latest must have and gasps for effect we still have a tape deck…..Much of our furntiure that we are getting rid of has been with us since we first set up home together some 20 years ago. Of course we have special sentimental knick-knacks that we wont part with but on the whole we are preparing to travel light and the thought is very liberating.

So, to be able to travel and live with minimal stuff is very exciting and something I am really looking forward to. Being the masters of our own destiny – quite literally feels very empowering.

I am hoping that we can simplify most areas of our life and change some of the patterns that we have. For instance I am anticipating that we wont be shopping in big supermarkets quite so much if at all. One of the things I remember from living in France is going to the weekly markets for fruit and veggies. It was such an experience with stall after stall of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, cheeses and bread. You don’t see those sort of markets here and the whole shopping process was so much more fun than aimlessly walking up and down aisles pushing your trolley and feeling like you would rather be anyway but there. The markets were so much cheaper as well and that for sure will be a big plus. Food shopping here has become ridicously expensive over the last 12-18 months. It always astounds me how much I spend on seemingly so little. Also because we will have little storage space I am hoping to get out of the habit of buying things to pop in the cupboard – they invariably never make it out again for quite some time. I am convinved that there is a Narnia style world at the back of my food cupboard where things disappear only to reappear months later when I have forgotten all about them.

One of the biggest things I hope to change when we get to Spain is the amount of driving that I do. Although I love my job I certainly don’t love the driving that I do to and from clients. It is such a waste of my day and I can’t wait to not have to do it. Having all those hours free to be creative with my business and to do YOGA – I will literally have hours everyday just to do yoga……..bliss.

We will also get to immerse ourselves in another culture. Another way of doing things. People who live in hotter climates always seem to have such a ‘manyana’ attitude to life that I love. Relax, do it tomorrow, it will still be there. When we first moved to France it was infuriating to us that they took lunch breaks and actually closed shops, supermarkets, everything really. They actually sat and enjoyed lunch and each others company and then went and slept it off. I mean come on……but by the end of our stay we too were enjoying siestas and long lazy lunches and it was soooo much better than the rush that is a lunch break over here. That I am looking forward to getting used to again.

And lastly for now (although I am sure that I can think of many other changes that I want to make) I want to learn how to Flamenco dance……….pause for laughter.………seriously though I think that it would be really cool to actually learn how to dance properly and Flamenco always seems so strong and powerful to me – all stamping feet and swirling skirts – I could so do that……

Watch this space as they say and see how this all evolves……


My yoga mat and I have been strangers these last few weeks since we got the ‘big news’ and my world turned upside down. I had intended to spend the summer working on loosening my hips up but alas I fear they are probably tighter than ever by now.

I have managed a few times to roll my mat out and quieten my mind long enough to do something of worth by these moments have been few and far between.

Most of my time is now spent making copious ‘to do’ lists whilst slowly clearing through 43 years of accumulated ‘stuff’ – and that is just mine. Hubby went through two of his boxes this morning that have been sealed up since our last move. His ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ were quite comical – like a little boy on christmas morning – until it got too much and he repacked said boxes and said he didn’t have the time to do them just yet!!! Deep breath from me………

Maybe now would be a good time to get back on my yoga mat and use that time to refocus, re-energise and bring my mind back from pinging around the ceiling and reground it. Tomorrow I am off to a morning yoga session with some lovely friends and I think it could be just what I need. Then perhaps we can tackle hubby’s boxes again…….

Tuesday – rain and raw food delights

Well into our summer now and its raining cats and dogs this morning!! My furry babies are tucked up on the bed as there is no way they are getting their paws wet and I can’t say as I blame them. Just made plans to have visitors over the bank holiday weekend at the end of the month so can guarantee that it will rain then as well……..hey ho, at least I have been having fun in the kitchen and creating some scrummy raw delights.

Since deciding to start running raw food and yoga retreats – details to come soon on the website, I’ll keep you posted! – I have been in the kitchen a lot honing my raw food skills. I must say that the results so far have been good and my confidence is high that I can pull off the cooking part of the retreat. I have a friend and great yoga teacher facilitating the yoga part for me.

This weekend I made the following dishes…..

Tacos with sunflower seed pate, tomato salsa, pineapple salsa and guacomole

Side view

Coconut and Blueberry pie


All were delicious and very scrummy and will definately be part of the menu for the retreat. Who said raw food was all about the salads………………….happy days even with the rain.

Monday – summer solstice

It is the 21st June today and the longest day. So that means from now on the nights will be drawing back in and we are on the countdown to colder days again. So far the promise of a glorious summer has failed to materialise and today is the first day in a good week or so that the sun has actually peeped out from behind darkened clouds.

Oh well, ho hum, what can you do…..except make the most of it before it goes away again and before the shops start the rundown to christmas which I’m sure they will soon.

Thankfully the cold damp and grey weather hasn’t seen me waiver from my raw food and I am happily munching down on the peaches and nectarines that are now appearing in the shops. For the moment they have replaced my beloved pineapples in the ‘favourite fruit’ stakes but my strawberries and raspberries in our garden are fast ripening and will be biting at their heels real soon.

The other great thing about warmer weather is that I can indulge in my newest most favourite pastime – yoga afresco. I love doing my yoga practice outside in the sunshine, it is such a peaceful and calming thing to do with the warmth of the sun beating down on me. Pure bliss – as I have said previously I am very easily pleased!!

So, for now I am one very happy bunny, munching on sweet juicy fruit and practicing lots of outdoor yoga. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the good weather continues……

Thursday – snow and warm hats.

For the second time this year we are having cold and snowy weather and it seems especially tough to be eating a raw food diet when it is so cold outside. I have no doubt that this sort of diet is much easier to achieve in warmer climates and so I have stopped beating myself up for wanting a hot meal of some kind when the mercury on the thermometer dips. That said, today hasn’t been one of those days. I was really feeling the cold at lunch time and was even shivering in the kitchen when I went to prepare our food (we do have heating!) So I put a hat on and within a few minutes was feeling warmer again. Hmmm….so maybe I don’t need hot food in cold weather – just lots of hats!!

Food today has been:-

Green smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, celery, spinach and banana.

Large salad with lettuce, red onion, tomato, cucumber, olives, avocado, olive oil and sea salt.

Orange, grapefruit and banana smoothie.

1/2 pineapple with choccy sauce (coconut butter, cacao powder and agave)

Lots warm water, blackcurrant tea, detox tea and hot lemon (first thing)

Exercise today has been:-

Ab workout

Have had to take a break from yoga this week as I pulled a hamstring muscle on monday. It feels a lot better today though so plan is to have a gentle practice tomorrow……

Thanks for reading.