Someone shut the door – its cold outside

Its been just over a month since we made the journey back from Spain and spent a very hot weekend discovering Madrid. I remember how we stopped often in shaded cafes for a cooling beer or jug of ice cold water and there was even a surprise discovery of an organic ice cream parlour where I had a delicious mango sorbet – not raw but definitely vegan.

Its remembering fun times like these that is keeping me going as the temperatures drop and the layers of clothes I find myself piling on every morning gets larger.

Last night was the coldest since we have been back in Blighty with temperatures hovering around 3 degrees. We survived of course and with the electrical heater set on timer overnight we were snug as bugs.

This morning there are reports of the first snows of winter – some just a few miles down the road to us and the rain here is decidedly icey. I must admit that we had hoped that winter would not show its face quite so quickly but it seems that mother nature has other ideas.

Our routine has now changed to include the daily wiping down of windows so the condensation doesn’t pool at the bottom and rot the wood and the hum of the dehumidifier is now a regular background noise for us. Once a week we lift the mattress to dry out the underside and turn it over and everything that we are able to seal has been done.

To say I am looking forward to Spring is an understatement but I am also trying to take the time to enjoy the changing seasons. The autumnal colours of the trees are glorious – must go and take some pictures – even though the weather belies the fact that we are still in the autumn season!! and last weekend we went out to the seaside to breath in some sea air.

Unfortunately this consisted of us being battered and buffeted by the wind so we quickly retreated to the nearest tea shop to enjoy a pot of ‘tea pigs’ peppermint tea to warm our bones.

I did manage to take some photo’s though which give a good idea of how blooming cold it was!!

Really trying hard not to think about the beaches I left behind in Spain…….lol

Ok winter – bring it on!!!