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You can connect with me by leaving a comment on the posts page or by visiting on of my two websites.

Barefoot and Raw – is my website dedicated to barefoot running, yoga and raw food. You can sign up for my weekly newsletter or my monthly membership scheme.

The Fit Option – is my website dedicated to helping you get fit, healthy and fabulous. I concentrate primarily on overcoming emotional eating and putting in place a postive mindset to enable you to be free of past food addictions..


One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Helen Helen Helen!!

    Just caught up with your blog, you are such intrepid explorers! It sounds like you are enjoying life and all its challenges including bad weather.

    We do miss you, Ann and I talk about you often and wonder how you are getting on.

    I am here in Rendlesham instead of sunning myself in Barbados as my holiday was cancelled because of the snow – Gatwick airport was closed for 2 days and of course my flight was on one of them. We have rebooked but not till May so my dreams of winter sunshine – and the marathon – have gone I’m afraid. But there you go, no one died and I will get over it.
    I’m still going to the gym and will think about another marathon, another country, at some point!

    Take care and I hope you have a wonderful festive Christmas with or without decorations!


    H xx

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