Best laid plans…..

I often thiink that it may be better to not announce anything to the world until you are actually there doing it as the universe often has an uncanny habit of stepping in and blowing the whole thing wide open.

Which is exactly what has just happened with our plans to return and work out of the retreat site I have been involved in for the last 7 months.

Sadly, and through no fault of our own or the family we were going to be working with that is no longer going to happen 😦

So, the last few days have been spent rehashing our plans and seeing what we can salvage from the situation. Luckily other contacts I have made may be able to step in and take over the role that was to be played by our finca family but time will tell and I need to be back and meeting people face to face in order to make that happen.

All of which means the campsite life is not over for us by a long shot and there is no guarantee that we will stay in Spain for long so technically I guess we will be ‘traveling’ again……

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and that when one door closes it usually means there is a bigger and better door for us is around the corner.

Hubby is celebrating his birthday tomorrow which means a lazy day and time for some chillaxing ahead of breaking camp and heading back out on the road early next week.

A new campsite awaits us and an exciting and busy few months lies ahead. New trails for me to run on, cheaper petrol and food (it is expensive here in Portugal and diesel has just gone up 8 cents in as many days????) and more life for us to enjoy.

Stay tuned as I think I may be back here again as we follow a new twist in our path!!



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