The summer is over…

Like much of Northern Europe we have been experiencing an ‘Indian Summer’ over the last few weeks but within the last few days it has packed its bags and headed back to India.

It is cold – the sort of cold that makes your shoulders shoot up around your ears and has you hugging yourself every time you step outside.

School is nearly out for us and we have only two more weeks of guests until we are free to go.

Bessy arrives back with us next weekend when we go and collect her and bring her up to the Chateau so that we can start to put everything back in her and get ready to head off at the end of the month.

We are taking 6 days to travel down to Southern Spain, stopping for 2 nights near to where we used to live so that we can catch up with some friends.

Everyone is very excited (well me and hubby are) about our imminent departure and the prospect of life back on the road. Molly is ignoring the whole situation at the moment but am sure she will be very vocal about the whole thing once we get going….

So, what was our summer like? Well, it was busy, lots of guests and changeovers to do and the gardens took a lot to keep under control as did the gaggle of ducks we now seem to have. Some of the babies did survive the local cats and since the water rat’s demise the survival rate took a sharp rise upwards. We now have quite a colony of ducks on the pond and they certainly aren’t the quietest of critters but then when you are as cute as they are you don’t have to be.

All in all it has been fun….will we return next year for another season? You will just have to wait and see (meaning we haven’t decided yet!)

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a few photo’s from our summer…..







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