Travel tales….

Bessy is back on the road and after 6 months in Northern France we have now relocated 1300 miles (give or take a mile or two) further south and are basking once again in the winter temperatures of southern Spain.

It was an interesting journey!! spread over 6 days with a days stop over in the Charente Maritime to catch up with old friends.

Torrential rain accompanied us for most of the way and a bout of road rage around Madrid, which ended in us having a bottle of coke thrown at the car (whilst moving I hasten to add!!) made for eventful and ever so slightly stressful days.

Campsites with no idea of the concept of ‘hot’ water made for even more stressful evenings…….but beer helped (to drink and not wash in!) and we are now back in our favourite region of Spain, amongst the mountains and almond groves with a view of the sea twinkling in the distance. Bliss.

Molly coped with her ordeal with her usual style – a whole range of meows we hadn’t heard before but is now re orientating herself with familar surroundings.

All is good.

Here are some piccies from our journey.


Helping with the packing!


And we’re off




Camping in Pons



003 (2)



Early morning in Madrid


The first rays of sun


And after all the rain……a rainbow


Riding up front


Journeys end…… 🙂

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